Xarios Phone Manager Version 2.0


The best CTI software
just got smarter

Designed specifically for the Inter-Tel Axxess and Inter-Tel CS 5000 range, the Xarios Phone Manager has become the smart choice for businesses looking to drive cost savings and operational efficiencies. It's easy to use interface provides the link between your phone and your screen. Whether you use it linked to a database or simply to enable easier call transfers, the Xarios Phone Manager will demonstrate significant improvements in inbound and outbound call handling.

With the imminent release of version 2, the best CTI solution just got even smarter. 

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Xarios Phone Manager V1.x Demo

Xarios Phone Manager V1.x User Guide


Phone Manager displaying user status.
Are they on the phone? Aren't they?
A quick glance is all it needs.


 New Features for Version 2.0

'Click to Dial' Number Recognition in IE  (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

For anyone familiar with Skype, number recognition can greatly decrease the time it takes to dial outbound. In Version 2 and currently subject to the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer, phone numbers that appear on web pages will be automatically highlighted with a small button adjacent to each allowing you to simply click to dial.


Improved Agent Presence Management / Hotdesking

With previous versions of Phone Manager, businesses that operated with agents of staff who would log into hotdesk phones had to purchase Professional licenses to be able to view agent status.


Instant Messaging (IM) with file transfer

Anyone familiar with MSN or Skype Instant Messaging will recognise this feature and instantly realise it's benefits. By clicking on a users icon you now have the opportunity to initiate an immediate text based chat with the added ability of being able to foward files as well. This is ideal in a busy office when e mail is too slow or networks are being clogged by attachments travelling between internal staff.



Makes using your phone so much easier with intuitive and easy to use functions



Centralised and remote install

The ability to roll out Phone Manager throughout your organisation without needing to rely on the user or visit each desk is a huge plus on multiple use installations.


Pre-configurable templates

Create policies which manage the look, feel and content of each users client. These templates can be centrally distributed, remotely intstalled and locked down to ensure conformity. 



Version 2 will come ready to adapt the look and feel of the application by applying a new skin.


Dockable Toolbar

The user customisable toolbar still allows the configuration of up to 50 keys but is now dockable and even lockable in position when required.


Useful Resources

The following chart shows a crm/database compatibility list for the Xarios Phone Manager Pro
Correct as at 7th April 2009




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