Top 10 Most Reported Faults and Issues

The Mitel / Inter-Tel range of telephone systems are rugged and inherently reliable but there are times when something out of the ordinary is happening and you need to look for support.  

Our engineering team recently compiled a list of their top ten most commonly reported issues and so, in no particular order, here they are.

"My phones hissing"

If there's a music source plugged into the telephone system users can switch the speaker on their phone on to quietly listen to music whilst the phone is idle. The music cuts out when the phone rings. This is a great way to provide low level distributed background music but if the feature is inadvertently enabled at the users phone and there is no music source plugged in, the phone will quietly hiss.

Solution: Dial the default feature code 313 to toggle the Background Music On / Off.  


"I think my phone's possessed"

Voices coming from a phone speaker when the phone is idle is quite disconcerting but has a simple explanation. The system has a feature which allows users to set their phone to automatically answer internal calls in handsfree mode. It's a feature frequently used in a manager / assistant environment. 

Solution: Dial the default feature code 377 to toggle Ring Intercom Always On / Off




"Nobody likes me"

This common issue isn't always reported in this way, but it can be demoralising if none of the calls coming in to your department ring at your phone. Of course there are people who regard this as a benefit. 

Solution: Dial the default feature 324 which will toggle Hunt Group Remove / Replace


"I answer the phone but can't hear anyone"

How many times have you walked up to someone's ringing phone, picked up the handset to answer and get nothing but silence in your ear? Although the curly cord between the handpiece and the phone occasionally develops a fault, it's usually because the person who uses that extension has a headset and has left the phone in headset mode.

Solution: Dial default code 317 to toggle headset mode on/off


"Calls don't forward to my voicemail any more"

This is another common issue that users report. They explain that their voicemail box has suddenly stopped working and that unanswered calls don't get recorded. This common misconception that the issue lies with the voicemail is more often than not to do with the settings for the phone itself.

Solution: Dial the default code 354 to toggle System Forward On / Off


"The memory keys don't work anymore"

One day the keys with lamps on your phone are perfectly set up to one touch dial or status monitor other extensions and the other keys are set up to enable frequently used features. The next day none of the keys work. The reason may be that the system allows the user to set different features under each key that can be accessed by toggling to the second keymap. Effectively you can toggle between these levels to have extensions on one level and features on the other.

Solution: Dial the default feature code 399 to switch keymaps


"I've plugged my phone in but it doesn't work"

There is a common misconception that you can plug any phone into any socket. Simple phones and faxes are wired differently to system phones and connect via your cabling to different extension cards in the telephone system. If you know that a socket used to support a system phone but doesn't now, it's probably because someone has repatched that socket in the patch panel.

Solution: Check with your IT Department or speak to our engineering team


"The display on my phone is now in a different language"

This is a great feature if your first language is not English but somewhat of a hindrance if it is. The system supports multiple languages for display prompts.

Solution: Dial the default feature code 301 to return the display back to English.


"I can't remember what my other keys do"

If you have lost  the label for your phone that shows what is programmed under each button you can either press each one and find out what it does, or alternatively use the function below.

Solution: Dial the default feature code dial 396 then press the unidentified key


"I don't know what extension number this is"

I'm sure that everyone reading this article has come across this. You're walking across the office and someone shouts that they have a call for you. You walk to the nearest idle phone and look at the display to see which extension number it is. When you look you find that the phone hasn't been used for a while and has multiple messages displayed on the screen. There is no quick solution unless you know the following feature code.

Solution: Dial the default feature code 300 to show the extension number.



Hopefully some of the above has been useful. It may be worth taking a note of some of these features and distributing it to all Inter-Tel phone users within your company. 


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