Issue 5 | Inter-Tel Axxess Version 11.0

On the 5th of June 2008 Inter-Tel officially released  v11.0 software for the Axxess telephone system.

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Music on Hold (MOH) Profiles

MOH profiles provide the ability to assign a music source to a call from the moment it is answered to the moment it is terminated - this means that even if a call is put on hold, transferred to multiple destinations, etc., there will be a consistent source of music applied to the caller.

Examples of where this service will be used are:

A car dealership supports multiple brands of vehicles, each brand uses a separate music source - either to provide music or to provide information on hold.

A contact center publishes separate DID/DDI numbers for a series of promotions - when calls come into the contact centre, even if they are being served by the same groups of agents, they can each have the appropriate music or message played to them.

Caller ID Enhancements

A number of improvements are being delivered in this release:

Allow the incoming caller ID to be passed transparently through the system.
If an incoming trunk call is redirected to an external destination (for example, the user of extension 1234 has forwarded their call to their cell/mobile phone number as they are out of the office) when the call is extended to the external destination, the originating caller ID information can simply be passed through the system and presented to the external device. Previously the Axxess system would have generated a new caller ID based on the extension for whom the call was originally intended.

Note that there is a system option to determine whether the existing mode of operation is required or whether the Axxess system should invoke the new functionality and propagate the originating party's caller ID information. Also note in Europe the requirement is that the originating party's details must be preserved and passed through to the target destination.

The system can now have a Calling Party Number programmed for voice mail
- where the voice mail system dials out to a number (perhaps for message notification), previously the number presented at the destination device would have been the main billing number, now you can program a separate number - typically this would be the DID/DDI number for the voice mail hunt group so that the user knows the origination of the call and can better determine how to handle the call.

For phones, Inter-Tel now provide the option to program a separate number that would be presented to the emergency services in the event a user of the system dials E911 (to ensure relevant location information is provided).

Trunk groups now have a default CPN applied which prevents any blank details being passed over the network
- in some cases the CO requires this information to be passed and if not calls are rejected. This default saves the technician having to program specific information each time if it is not required by the client.

Calling party name everywhere there is calling party number
- some CO's will accept the calling party name in addition to the calling party number. Where this is the case we will provide the name (it is programmed for each phone, voice mail group, trunk group, etc.).

Improvements to Phantom Extensions

Previously a phantom extension (typically used in CTI applications for routing calls) had limited properties in that it was always in a DND state and could not be rung as a device. As from release 11.0, these phantom extensions (which do not consume any physical ports on the system) have a more true mapping of capabilities such that they can be rung and follow any programmed forwarding, can be busy, can be members of a hunt group, etc.

Windows 2003 Upgrade for CPS

An optional upgrade is now available with release 11.0 for 512 and ATM customers who wish to upgrade their CPS from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. Note that Mitel and Microsoft continue to support Windows 2000 but where customers have migrated their environments to Windows 2003, they can now follow suit with the 512 and ATM CPS.

Unified Messaging Open Standards Edition 2

Please note that systems upgrading to release Enterprise Messaging release 1.2 (UM OSE II) will require an upgrade to Axxess v11.0.

Quintum AFT 400 Gateway Support

Where clients require analog trunks at remote sites (where there is no Axxess or 5000 system installed), the Quintum gateway which is connected over the clients managed IP network can provide 4 analog trunks. This provides the opportunity to present local numbers in parts of the country where they have a few IP users hosted off a centralised Axxess system rather than having to have non-geographic numbers or simply only have local numbers where they have the central processing unit.

Part Numbers

The following part numbers are available to support the v11.0 release of Axxess software:

Part Number         Description

840.0828             Axxess v11.0 Software - New Systems
840.0829             Axxess v10.x to v11.0 upgrade
828.1755             Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 upgrade kit for ATM CPS
828.1754             Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 upgrade kit for non ATM CPS
828.1757             Enterprise Messaging Upgrade kit v1.x to 1.2
901.5180             Quintum AFT 400 Gateway



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