Four Ways to cut your Support Costs

Everywhere in the media people are talking about the worst of our economic woes having bottomed out and some are even talking about green shoots of growth. That's fine but few would say that business is booming and hence keeping costs under control and making savings where possible is still the order of the day.

Here we point out four ways that we can help.   




Are your lines and calls being provided by the same support company as this will collectively reduce support and network service costs using a single provider.

PSU can provide this for you.

WLR3 is often thought of as 'wholesale line rental'. It is in fact BT's secure portal that allows companies (CPs) such as ourselves to have 24 hour access to BT's systems to order lines and report faults. This means that not only can we supply you call savings but also supply and support your lines often for less than BT would charge. Most importantly you have a single number to call in the event of a problem.


Facts at a glance:

-  We may be able to subsidise your support costs*

-  Cheaper than BT - Call us and we'll deal with BT for you

-  ISDN30e - £13 per channel per month

-  ISDN2e - £28.80 per month

-  Analogue - £12.34 per month

-  UK - Local and national calls - 1p per minute

-  Mobile - 8.5p per minute*

-  Electronic Billing and Free Online Call Reporting


No minimum call charges - no minimum call setup charge - per second billing

* Subsidy subject to call volume. Mobile rates excludes 3G


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Monthly Maintenance

Pay monthly for an improved cash flow.

Your Telephone support may be costing you several thousands of pounds, PSU can reduce this by up to 40% whilst providing you the facility to spread the payments at no additional cost.


-  Spread payments to improve cashflow

-  Potentially cheaper than your current supplier

-  Fix your costs for 3 or more years


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Fix your support costs for 3 years

Reduce, fix and spread your support costs

Many suppliers will increase their support costs as you purchase more equipment each year.
PSU will reduce your support costs and freeze these for three years.


-  Budget more effectively

-  Eliminate any nasty surprises.  


For more information call 0800 1313416 or complete the enquiry form below.



Telephone Productivity

Make your staff more productive

You have at your finger tips an extremely sophisticated piece of equipment which can provide far more than simply making and receiving calls. With some light user training your colleagues will be able to use the system more effectively and take advantage of the many features which could help boost productivity within your organisation.


Get some training so customer call handling is improved

-  Take advantage of the low prices

-  Have the training carried out at your premises


Simply complete the form below and we will organise a days training at your premises for as little as £35 per user.



Four organisations a month who use Inter-Tel telephone equipment are moving to PSU for all of their IT and
telephony support arrangements.

Source: PSU Technology Group CRM System March 2008 to Jan 2009

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