Issue 6 | Callview Version 4.2

Callview v4.2 is a collection of modular Computer Telephony (CT) software applications for the Inter-Tel Axxess and Mitel 5000 Series which can optimise your organisations' performance, resources, and customer service. The suite encompasses business management tools, agent and team productivity tools.

Callview v4.2's business management tools provide the enterprise with real-time and historical reports to help measure the quality of customer service that the organisation provides.

Callview v4.2 tracks not only external calls but internal calls. In addition, it provides visual reporting on various business indicators, such as the ability to monitor marketing activities, customer trends, and departmental analysis. Agent and team tools provide employees with the tools they need to deliver exceptional and consistent customer service. Agents can quickly manage and route calls from their PCs, and customer information can be screen popped to their desktops helping them to provide personalised service with first call resolution.

Whether the contact centre or functional department is informal or formal, at single or multiple locations, these solutions empower managers, supervisors, and employees with the tools they need to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and provide outstanding customer service.

Whats new in Callview Version 4.2

Increased Stability
Callview v4.2 is designed to increase the stability of Callview by using an SQL compliant database that is not constrained to a maximum table size (directly or indirectly via a database size limitation) and is more scalable than the current Microsoft Access database. The new database is IBM® DB2® Express C.

Database Option
Because some Callview sites may have been deployed with the current Microsoft Access database, the option to continue using Microsoft Access will be retained. At the time of installation, the customer will be able to choose the preferred data storage option that works best for their application.

Backup and Restore Capability
This release provides a new feature for performing database backups. Backing up a database is the single most important thing that can be done to prevent catastrophic data loss in the event that storage media becomes corrupted or fails. Once created, a backup image can be used to return a database to the exact state it was in at the time the backup was made.

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