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Issue 18 - Call Recording, 24/7 or On-Demand

The recording of telephone calls used to be reserved for the Emergency Services and financial institutions tracking trades. Now you are more likely to be recorded than not on your day to day calls. Is your business missing a trick?  

Call Recording and what to look out for

Issue 17 - Four Ways to cut your Support Costs

Everywhere in the media people are talking about the worst of our economic woes having bottomed out and some are even talking about green shoots of growth. That's fine but few would say that business is booming and hence keeping costs under control and making savings where possible is still the order of the day.

Here we point out four ways that we can help

Issue 16 - Xarios Phone Manager Version 2.0
Xarios have just launched the long awaited version 2.0 of their excellent Phone Manager CTI software. In this article we review the impressive list of new features that include agent hotdesk monitoring for standard license users plus instant messaging with file transfer plus a host of others.
Find out more about this new level of software

Issue 14 - Mitel announce timeline for withdrawal of Axxess
On the 12th March 2009 Mitel announced the retirement timeline for the Inter-Tel Axxess range of Telephone Systems. There are 3 key timeline dates to be aware of:

1) July 31st 2009 -
Last order accepted on major InterTel Axxess components / parts.
2) July 31st 2010 - Last Software fix
3) July 31st 2014 - Technical Support ceases   
Find out how this could affect you and what to do

Issue 13 - Win a years free Telephone System Maintenance
As we have had an influx of new people signing up to the Inter-Tel User Group over the past few weeks we thought we'd republish our fantastic offer to convert your annual maintenance payments from a yearly to monthly plan. Most importantly though, all enquiries will be put into a draw for the chance of winning a years free maintenance.  
Win a year's free maintenance

Issue 12 - Technical Supports Top 10 Questions
The Mitel / Inter-Tel range of telephone systems are rugged and inherently reliable but there are times when something out of the ordinary happens and you need to look for support. Our engineering team recently compiled a list of their top ten most commonly reported issues and so, in no particular order, here they are.  
Top Ten reported issues and faults

Issue 11 - Top 10 Tips to help you save up to £10,000 per year
Every business needs to be thinking about how to reduce operating expenses in order to safeguard profits within these lean times. We are no exception and embarked upon a cost cutting crusade last Autumn. In this article we outline some of the actions we carried out which if followed should show a saving of up to £10,000 in 2009. 
Top Ten Tips for making savings within your business 

Issue 10 - Would you like to pay monthly for your maintenance?
In these times of economic uncertainty it makes sense to protect your cashflow by paying for your annual maintenance and support contract on a monthly basis. Historically, Inter-Tel maintenance contracts have been paid fully in advance having a negative impact on cash flow. However, to overcome this negative effect we are now able to offer a monthly payment option. 
Find out to to set up a monthly payment plan? 

Issue 9
everyone in your business know how to use their phone?

With the toughest economic climate in decades affecting most businesses, it's essential that your staff are confident in how to use their phones and handle customer calls. With customer care in mind, we have created an easy to use index containing interactive and downloadable user guides for the whole range of phones.
Visit the ultimate download resource for everything Inter-Tel 

Issue 8 - Mitel launches new phone range, new software
and a character called 'Mr Mitel'.

If you've an application that requires different music on hold for different callers then you should read about Version 3 for the 5000. If you've ever wanted to connect a phone via a WLAN or have a handpiece without a curly cord then you should read on. Finally you must find out about 'Mr Mitel'.
Mitel 5000 Version 3.0, new phone range and Mr Mitel

Issue 7 - 10 Best Products for Homeworkers

Allowing staff to work from home is often perceived as a big step to take for any organisation but there are efficiencies that can be gained not just in staff motivation, but also in improved productivity and cost savings. Deploying the equipment could cost you nothing! In this issue we highlight the 10 best products for home workers and how they work together to provide a transparent working environment.
Read about the 10 best products for homeworkers

Issue 6 - Callview Version 4.2 Software

Callview v4.2 is a collection of modular Computer Telephony (CT) software applications for the Inter-Tel Axxess and Mitel 5000 Series which can optimise your organisations' performance, resources, and customer service. The suite encompasses business management tools, agent and team productivity tools. 
Read about the latest Callview version 4.2

Issue 5 - Inter-Tel Axxess Version 11 Software 

If you're considering replacing your Inter-Tel Axxess don't do anything until you've read this article. It not only describes the benefits of the latest version 11 software launched early in June 2008, but also provides an essential guide to upgrading your system.
Read the article and download the guide

Issue 4 - Xarios Phone Manager Review
Video highlighting user experience

Watch a short 8 minute video highlighting the most frequently used features from a users perspective. A useful review of how the software works in conjunction with the phone on your desk. Independently written and produced, it shows the software in a live scenario.

Issue 3
Inter-Tel release Softphone that rings and works on XP and Vista!

David Miller, Marketing Manager at PSU Technology follows his last issue about the S8602 softphone with news about the latest version from Inter-Tel that not only rings the speakers on the PC but also works on Vista.

Issue 2
So how good is this PC softphone?

David Miller, Marketing Manager at PSU Technology gives his honest opinion about the Inter-Tel S8602 IP Softphone which he's been using for the last two years. He covers what the phone does well and where it may fall over. Most importantly he reviews which headsets work the best with the phone.

Issue 1
Inter-Tel User Guides and Manuals

We have created a UK resource from which you can download all the manuals and user guides that you are likely to need in order to get the most from your Inter-Tel telephone system.

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