Music and Messages On Hold

Most businesses spend a great deal of time and money developing their appearance; Brochures, Logos, Van Liveries, Exhibitions, Advertising etc, but few ever consider how they sound. We live in a world full of sound; in order to fully coordinate (or join-up) their marketing efforts businesses must consider how they sound to their clients.

The perfect opportunity to project this sound is when a caller is on hold, or awaiting an agent whilst queueing at a contact centre. PSU can provide this solution either via a license paid CD option or via a tailored music and messaging service recorded by professional voice over artists, in a professional studio.

Option One

  • Rack Mount CD player - built to withstand frequent use.
  • 16 bit DAC chip for high quality sound
  • Proven Samsung chipset on servo board
  • Sanyo laser pick up
  • Max headphone output level 6.2Vrms for 0db test signal
    (volume at max)
  • Built to withstand the continuous operation demanded
    by music on hold applications
  • 7 year meantime between failures
  • Plus a license paid CD
  • Tracks 1-9 include reassurance messages
  • Tracks 10-18 are music only

Three musical varieties are available -

  • Atmospheric
  • Classical
  • Contemporary

Option Two

Get a profesionally recorded track with music and promotional messages tailored to your business to comfort your clients whilst on hold or awaiting a free agent. Some of our clients update their messages on a monthly basis, others twice a year. All you need to do is have an idea about what you would like to be included in the spoken script plus what type of music you would like in the background.

Listen to music and voice samples

Clients who use Premier Business Audio solutions include:

Mercedes Benz P&O Ferry Masters Papa Johns Selfridges Holmes Place

Premier Business Audio

We work in conjunction with Premier Business Audio who provide a full business audio service: from initial marketing and content advice to creative script writing, through to recording using a wide range of music and voiceover styles, including all UK languages and accents, and most foreign languages.



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