Avaya / SDX Index Trade In Offer

Avaya did not develop the SDX Index platform past software version 11.0. This makes it difficult for anybody who owns an Index at present to expand or enhance their current system. It has also become increasingly difficult to find reliable sources for additonal equipment as supply of new equipment finished on the 1st of June, 2006.

Following standard Avaya support and warranty guidelines, the products will still be supported (tech support, bug fixes etc)  until May 31, 2009, but new equipment will be hard to come across and the software will not be enhanced further.


Your Options

In reaction to this Inter-Tel and PSU have structured an exciting initiative to help INDeX customers migrate to either the Inter-Tel Axxess or the Inter-Tel 5000 series. Inter-Tel and PSU will effectively offer you money for your existing system. This figure will vary dependent of the system you own, and in many cases will equate to several thousands of pounds off the cost of the upgrade to an Inter-Tel system. This offer is subject to a survey being carried out by our engineering team and subject to the completion of the relevant paperwork.

Avaya resellers are promoting a scheme wherby Index customers can get money back against their system processor cards in return for installing an Avaya IP Office. Although this offer looks generous on the surface, the IP Office cannot always fulfil the demands of a busy Index system. There are also some equipment redundancies that will occur when swapping to the IP Office.

Why trade up to an Inter-Tel rather than down to an IP Office

There are many reasons why the Inter-Tel platform makes an ideal replacement for the INDeX system.: 

Callview - Call Centre and Contact Centre Scenario

Existing users of Callview on an INDeX can migrate to Inter-Tel platforms easily. 

IP Office is not compatible with Callview, all Inter-Tel products are.

Benefit: An Inter-Tel migration may mean increased call centre functionality with little or no retraining needed

Inter-Tel delivers ACD functionality as standard – NO additional licences required. 

IP Office requires licences for agents and reporting

IP Office can only handle a maximum of 75 agents with Call Centre Manager.

Inter-Tel offers Record-a-call as a standard feature – which when integrated with Callview can be a powerful call centre tool.

Voice over IP Scenario 

Inter-Tel has been using IP since 1999 on all its products and has a proven pedigree in the IP arena. 

Inter-Tel has embraced SIP at the core of it’s architecture for future proofed solutions.

IP endpoints available for the INDeX have only been available since the IP Office keysets were launched

 IP Office uses H323 – an outdated protocol.

SIP is not available for IP Office until end of 2006

In Other Words

Inter-Tel’s flexible family of platforms has something to meet every INDeX users needs today with a certain path to the future – maximising their investment today and enabling their business to evolve in the future. Your existing Index system could save you thousands of pounds off the upgrade cost.   


If you want to know how much this scheme could mean to you, call us now on (0800) 652 4888  


  • Systems that are affected: SDX Index, Avaya Index
  • Phones that are affected: Avaya INDeX 2010, Avaya INDeX 2030, Avaya INDeX 2050, Avaya INDeX DT1, Avaya INDeX DT3, Avaya INDeX DT4, Avaya INDeX DT5, Avaya INDeX TT3, Avaya INDeX TT5

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