InterTel S8602 IP Softphone

The S8602 PC based Softphone brings with it an array of excellent new features. The S8602 operates much like a S8662 endpoint but on screen rather than physically on your desk.



Main Display: Provides access to menus and features through a six-line display and buttons.

(L) - Calls on Hold Slider: Provides a graphical representation of the intercom and outside calls that are on hold. This appears automatically when a call is placed on hold.
Dialpad Slider: Provides access to a dialpad. This is used to input numbers, letters and symbols onto the main display. The slider also has an Open/Close Slider Button.
(R) - Feature Buttons Slider: Provides access to user-programmable feature buttons. This Slider is expanded using the Open/Close Slider Button.


Headset Compatibility

Inter-Tel recommends the use of a Plantronics CS60-USB Wireless Headset with the S8602 SoftPhone. Other supported Plantronics headsets include: DA60 USB Connector, SUPRA, Encore and SUPRAPLUS (requires an amplifier/USB adapter ordered separately).

Please note that the Plantronics Model 3000 Bluetooth headset is NOT compatible.

Minimum hardware support to run the S8602 is as follows:

Microsoft Windows XP (Home or Professional)

300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor (800 MHz recommended)

128 megabytes (MB) RAM (256 MB recommended)

100 MB of available hard drive space

A pointing device (i.e. mouse, trackball, touch screen, etc.)

800x600 or higher video resolution

Internet-capable network connection

Microphone and speakers (headset highly recommended)





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