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Inter-Tel offers a diverse and comprehensive range of endpoints to cater for even the most demanding communication solution. As technology evolves people are changing the way they communicate and Inter-Tel constantly strives to deliver the latest technological advances to the desktop. The complete range of endpoints covers features for users who require just the basic operation of a telephone, to the more advanced users who need extended functionality and access to more powerful features such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), Unified Messaging and much more.

InterTel current TDM and IP Phone Range

Digital Keyphones

Inter-Tel's 8000 series phones are designed to connect directly to the Axxess or CS5000 systems and comprise three models of phones plus a DSS and mini-DSS modules.


intertel 8560 and intertel 8660 phone  and user guides InterTel 8560
Executive Handset and 8660 IP Phone
InterTel 8520
Standard Phone
InterTel 8500
Basic Phone
InterTel 8416
Mini DSS Console
InterTel 8450
DSS Console

IP Phones

The S8000 IP phones operate on converged IP networks, such as the internet and corporate LANs/WANs in order to facilitate flexible working and remote office applications.


S8662 Executive
IP Phone
S8622 Standard
IP Phone
S8602 Softphone
S8690 SIP
Multimedia Phone


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InterTel Old Style Executive
InterTel Old Style Standard
InterTel Old Style Basic

Xarios Phone Manager


Intertel Wireless
WIFI Phones
Fixed Mobile Convergence
Mobility Extensions
Intertel Operator Console
PC Based



Handset Compatibility

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