Inter-Tel Axxess Telephone Systems


The Inter-Tel Axxess business communication system is an open architecture software based system designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The range of applications available on Axxess helps users maximise the competitive advantage today's technology can offer. The Axxess system can be configured for users who require less than 32 extensions through to upwards of 30,000 extensions seamlessly networking up to 63 unique locations.

InterTel Axxess Software Versions

If you currently own an InterTel Axxess you may wish to to enhance the functionality via a simple upgrade.

InterTel Axxess Software Versions 

InterTel Axxess Converged Communications Platform

The Inter-Tel Axxess Converged Communications Platform offers a flexible, feature-rich solution that is migration-friendly and Internet ready. The converged platform combines Internet Protocol (IP), wireless, digital and analogue into a single platform—enabling you to deploy traditional, IP telephony or a combination of both when and where it’s right for your organisation.

Whether you need to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a building or campus environment, remote and telecommuting associates, or even geographically dispersed offices, Inter-Tel unifies your communications into a single enterprise that interoperates harmoniously.

Axxess is based on Open Architecture Interfaces (OAI) and standard protocols, which offer the flexibility to tailor the platform to suit your dynamic needs. Support for Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols, such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), provides a communications pathway—connecting diverse tools together so that they can “speak” to each other. SIP enables simple, flexible connectivity, which allow infrastructures, applications and endpoints to interact in a standard manner. Axxess also supports IEEE standards, such as 802.11b and 802.3af—enabling your business to provide tools that facilitate the mobility of employees.

Inter-Tel is focused on continued support for these standards and many other industry-standard interfaces, which will help address your unique business needs. Inter-Tel offers a variety of IP, digital, wireless and analog endpoints for your business.

Improving Business Processes with the Intertel Axxess

Deploy and blend the technologies of your choice, when and where it's right for your business.

Integrate powerful Inter-Tel presence, collaboration and messaging software applications designed to improve your business processes.

Seamlessly network dispersed locations and remote employees—reducing communications expenses and improving collaboration

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