Web Conferencing

Inter-Tel Web Conferencing is an easy to use in-house server software solution that provides you with all the tools necessary to conduct a Web-based, highly interactive and successful meeting.

Inter-Tel Web Conferencing lets you use the internet to extend the reach and impact of your ideas to virtually anybody, anywhere in the world. All you need to conduct or join a meeting is a computer, an internet connection and a phone line (for audio conference).

Cost effective licensing

Available in a cost-effective server package, Inter-Tel Web Conferencing is available in 10, 15, 20, and up to 100 or more concurrent user licenses. As an example, a 10-user license package permits any 10 people to be connected at one time, from any PC. Unlike other Web conferencing products, the licenses are not specific to any person or to any PC.

Inter-Tel Web Conferencing brings your business the industry's richest set of features. Discover interactive keyboard chat, application sharing, polling and quizzing, file transfer, record and playback, video conferencing, desktop streaming and much more.

Web Conferencing features

Inter-Tel's Web Conferencing product has a wealth of exciting features, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Security - Dynamic CAST 128-bit encryption, SSL support, private meeting, password protection, meeting lockout and more, are there to protect your organisation's assets.
  • Transparency Tools - To further enhance the online demo experience, users can leverage Transparency Tools to illustrate, highlight or annotate a document or an element within a desktop application. The Transparency Tools include drawing options such as Font, Line Thickness, Square, Circle, Cut/Move or Colour Selector.
  • Polling and Quizzing - Collaborate with an audience with true/false, yes/no or multiple choice questions. Display the results or keep them hidden. At the end of the meeting users can save the results so they can see aggregate or individual results.
  • Reports - The Inter-Tel Web Conferencing Reports page allows administrators to generate daily, weekly, monthly or specific-range reports on the number of current active users, number of current active sessions and number of total sessions to track a range and/or individual user session metrics.
  • Desktop Presentation - Spontaneously share any presentation on your desktop.
  • Enable Remote Control - Users can give control of any application on their desktop to remote participants. The Remote Control feature allows users to transfer meeting control, including desktop presentation, whiteboard and chat functions to meeting Attendees, thereby further enhancing collaboration.
  • Record and Playback - Record and Playback captures everything in a session including the live demonstrations, annotations, notes, visuals and video.
  • Record and Playback - Record all sessions for training and development.
  • Multi-Point Videoconferencing - Use the video conferencing feature to broadcast a pre-recorded .avi file or a live image using a standard PC Web Cam to all or any of the meeting attendees. Also, you can enable the Web Cams of meeting participants for a group video conference. This feature includes selectable frame rate speeds up to 30 frames per second.
  • Transfer Host Control - This feature allows users to transfer meeting control whereby the Attendee becomes the Presenter.
  • Hand Raising - When presenting, it is important to know whether Attendees have a question, would like to make a comment, or even if they are listening.

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