Unified Communicator

Since today's business model requires you to be in varying environments (off-site meetings, travelling, home-office etc), you need to manage your communications and convey your presence while on the move.

With Inter-Tel's Unified Communicator® software, you can access traditional and advanced features regardless of your location and what communications device you are using. The application's flexible options allow you to interact with the software through personal computers, desktop phones, mobile phones, handheld organisers and speech recognition.

Unified Communicator v2.0 software is a powerful presence management tool that improves the way you interact with others and grants you mobility like you've never experienced before. Its intuitive, browser-based interface allows you to manage your communications with ease. You can monitor your coworkers' availability and status, personalise call handling, play customised greetings, access your desktop phone's features, control calls, create conferences, view call history, view messages, consolidate all of your contacts and more.

Leveraging the latest standards

Unified Communicator leverages Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) convergence technology, refining the level of communications between associates, customers, partners and suppliers. SIP is a universal industry standard which creates transparency between devices, protocols and networks, so users don't have to know 'how' the system works—they can focus on 'what' the system can do for them, making connectivity simple and the endpoint choices flexible.

Quick access to main features via the Microsoft® Windows® tray client

Manage your presence whatever device you are using or wherever you may be


  • Advanced call routing allows you to create rules to manage incoming calls
  • Create rules based on who is calling, when they are calling, and your availability and location
  • Provides presence information and availability to co-workers and contacts using Microsoft® .NET Passport and personalised greetings
  • Enables find me/follow me functionality
  • User "profiles" to manage a variety of things in a simple manner, such as routing rules, location & availability, DND messages and Microsoft® .NET Passport status
  • Access contacts and features, enable routing rules, retrieve information and update the system with current situation information through a variety of methods including:
  • Web Browser or Phone Client (Speech recognition and touchtone phone)
  • Tray Client
  • WAP-enabled Mobile Phone and Wireless PDAs
  • Pocket PC Client
  • Organise your contacts into groups
  • Provides a Microsoft® Windows® tray client to access features, change status and DND, expedite call handling and more
  • Works with a full range of both digital and IP phones


  • Improves collaboration and workflow and reduces distractions
  • Extends your presence beyond your organisation for better communication
  • Locates coworkers even when they're on-the-go
  • Updates several elements at once, in one simple step, so you can update your communication environment in seconds-even when you're on the go
  • Provides flexible options to access features and functionality no matter where you are
  • Helps ease the management of speed dial, monitoring and call routing rules
  • Provides callers with a personalised experience and increases customer care
  • Offers a quick and convenient way to access commonly-used features instead of launching the browser
  • Allows you to deploy low-cost phones and still maintain an advanced user experience

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