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Inter-Tel is pleased to announce the release of the new System Manager software for the award-winning Axxess communications platform. This new software unites Inter Tel’s diverse product line* into a family of products that can be viewed, programmed, managed and diagnosed through a single interface. System Manager enables more thorough troubleshooting and can help reduce the cost and overall complexity of operating the system.

intertel system manager



Using a standard web browser a technician or system administrator can manage an entire networked system with multiple applications remotely over a secure encrypted session. Provides a map view of the Axxess network showing Node-to-Node connectivity with status colours to indicate link capacity, warnings and errors. Includes the ability to drill down and view individual nodes eliminating the need to travel to each site for access. Gives an administrator the ability to create users with different permissions to control levels of access. Allows users to review or modify the Axxess system configuration without the need for special software. Supports monitoring of the quality of service delivered by an Internet Protocol Resource Card (IPRC) to measure the quality of IP phone calls. Provides web access for trunk diagnostics, which allows a technician or administrator to determine if a trunk problem is with the system or the Central Office (CO). Alerts administrators and/or technicians via e-mail, based on pre-set system tolerance. Enables users to see the information stored in the alert database.

Lets users filter the results by source, beginning and ending timestamps, alert type, severity and system events flag.


*Current products include: Axxess network programming, Unified Communicator, SIP, Diagnostics

Functional Design

The System Manager consists of a framework and snap-ins**. The framework provides basic infrastructure, while the snap-ins provide the intelligence of managing system components. Together, the framework and the snap-ins provide the following system management functionality over the web:

Axxess Network topology (drill down). Axxess System configuration. Unified Communicator configuration. SIP server configuration. Diagnostics (alert notification, message print, trunk diagnostics, IPRC web site, MGCP gateway web site). Call reports (based on SMDR).

Administration (System Manager framework configuration and management).


** A snap-in licence is a program designed to function as a modular component of another application. Examples of snap-ins include Shym Technology's PKEnable snap-in security system for use in e-mail and Web applications, and Novell's ZENworks for Desktops 3 Cluster Snap-in, which contains the program to support workstation inventory in a cluster environment.

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