Remote Support

Collaboration applications are one of the fastest-growing markets in the technology sector.

Customers are looking for cost-effective solutions to increase productivity and reduce expenses. Inter-Tel offers this in-house Web-based support solution that will help your customers achieve their business goals.

Inter-Tel Remote Support is a Web-based, real-time, remote access and support software tool that facilitates an immediate connection between PC's. This enables on-demand, spontaneous remote support-resulting in higher productivity and lower operating costs to businesses.

Inter-Tel Remote Support provides support professionals with all the tools needed to manage a queue of online requests, communicate with customers online, monitor a remote PC and control a remote customer's PC to resolve issues.

Inter-Tel Remote Support features a unique Web-based queuing mechanism, and seamlessly combines remote support tools with desktop streaming, Web collaboration and videoconferencing, to maximize interaction and improve client communication-no more blindly guiding customers toward a solution, when they can see it on their desktop.

Business Productivity for Support Departments:

  • Reduce call times
  • Install and configure software remotely
  • Define and resolve problems faster
  • Reduce repeat calls for the same issue
  • Decrease call escalation
  • Reduce support errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Lower support cost

Business Productivity for Sales Departments:

  • Facilitate customer initiated one-on-one product demos
  • More transactions, less acquisition cost
  • More sales calls in less time
  • Real-time voice or keyboard chat with customers

Remote Support Features

Remote Support empowers the sales or support representative to escalate the session by remotely viewing the user's computer. With screen sharing broadcast any visuals, applications, Web pages, documents, or software to remote users in real-time. Audience members will be able to see exactly what an agent is doing including all of his/her mouse movements and keyboard inputs.

To protect against unwanted intervention, Inter-Tel Remote Support prompts customers before initiating any remote control or monitoring sessions. Once remote control has been granted, support and sales professionals can view a customers PC as if they were sitting right in front of it. No time is wasted by the customer describing a problem, or by the representative trying to visualize the problem. Ultimate control is left in the hands of the user, actively participating in the screen-sharing process and observes every step that is taken to resolve the technical issue. At anytime the user can retake control of the mouse and keyboard or end the session altogether.

Further features of Remote Support Include:

  • Keyboard Chat - Keyboard Chat enables users to interact via text chat.
  • Queuing >- All inbound customer requests are displayed in a window visible to all representatives in the queue. A simple mouse-over for each request shows relevant information such as the customer's email address and the initial question.
  • Queue Transfer/Call Escalation> - Requests can be easily transferred among sales and support representatives to ensure the most relevant agent is helping a customer.
  • File Transfer Tools> >- Inter-Tel Remote Support offers file transfer capabilities enabling sales and support professionals to transfer files from their PCs directly to the customer and vice versa.
  • Desktop Application Sharing> - Support and sales representatives can share any software application in a live, full-screen demonstration.
  • Internet Co-browsing> - Inter-Tel Remote Support co-browse capabilities makes it easy for support and sales representatives to direct customers to specific online resources where they can find useful information or important sales and support tools.
  • Multi-Point Videoconferencing> - Use a standard PC Web camera to broadcast a 'live' image to customers in online meetings. In addition, the representative can use Web cameras to conduct a group video conference with customers, or use the videoconferencing feature to broadcast a pre-recorded .avi file or a live image.
  • Record and Playback >- Record all sessions for training and development.
  • Online Management Reports> - Review real-time reports such as entire chat and session logs or access daily information to track industry standard metrics.
  • Security >- Dynamic CASE 128-bit encryption and SSL support allow users to encrypt all data transmissions in a meeting or session or to run on a secure SSL connection.
  • Web-based Design >- Requires no client software installation. Customers can log in to your business's website or they can be directed to a URL where they are instantly available for interactive online meetings.
  • System Recovery Tool >- If a customer's problem has resulted from the corruption of an application, file or the system registry, Inter-Tel Remote Support offers a system recovery feature.

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