Intertel Attendant/Operator Console

The Powerful Benefits of Advanced Customer Call Handling

Customer satisfaction soars when their calls are handled smoothly, promptly and are directed to the right person for the information they need. The unique user interface of Attendant Console provides access to the information and features you need to ensure a state-of-the-art customer experience.

This powerful software also provides seamless integration between your computer and telephone so that you can work on your usual computer applications and handle phone calls quickly using your mouse or keyboard.

When combined with a Computer Telephony-compatible database or contact management software, Attendant Console can also bring significant customer information right to your screen while you are handling a call. Additional features are available through key codes or up to 40 user-programmable shortcuts, which can be displayed on screen.


Boost Productivity - Even if you don't have a full-time receptionist

Attendant Console creates a user-friendly call processing environment, allowing operators—or anyone else in the office—to quickly and efficiently process and route calls. Offices without a dedicated receptionist will benefit from these robust multi-tasking capabilities because anyone can answer the phone and handle a call without undue interruption from their work.

Multi-Site Solution

In busy multi-site networked environments that have a dedicated receptionist, productivity will rise because of Attendant Console's ultra-fast call routing. Because Attendant Console works in a multi-node configuration, and each node is connected to your Axxess call routing system, you know the status of everyone on the system. Also, specific messages can be communicated to callers (out of the office, on holiday until the 15th) based on your co-workers' alert messages displayed on the system.

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