Informer for Schools

Informer for Schools enables schools to reach parents by text message, pre-recorded voice message or email.

It keeps parents informed if their child is absent or if there’s a forthcoming parents evening. It’s even being used by some schools to let students know if their orchestra practice has been re-organised or to get them out of bed in the morning! Informer for Schools is also becoming an important tool to aid the inclusion process in our more diverse communities – being used to send out pre-recorded messages to parents in 52 different languages.

Informer IP

This system allows you to send text messages and also gives the option of reaching parents via e-mail and voice message as well. There is no requirement for additional phone lines or sockets as this solution is hosted remotely by Voice Connect.

Informer Plus

This system provides similar functionality to Informer IP (sending voice messages, emails and SMS messages), but also offers another significant advantage: parents can call the school 24 hours a day and record a message explaining when and why their child is absent.

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