Enterprise Conferencing

Enterprise Conferencing delivers further enhancements to its comprehensive range of Presence Management tools – enabling and empowering the end-user to control how and when they communicate – irrelevant of the device they are using.

The Enterprise Conferencing solution has web presentation capabilities allowing users to better collaborate with internal or external employees, business partners and clients for brainstorming, formal presentations, training sessions or informal meetings. The browser-based interface enables users to schedule and conduct conference calls quickly and easily. From the same user interface, users can perform Web presentations and share documents with any participant on the call.

Easy to navigate menu system enables users to quickly and efficiently set up conference calls

A SIP-based solution developed for converged communications environments, the Enterprise Conferencing application provides both audio conferencing and web conferencing components. Requiring no changes to an enterprise’s infrastructure or firewall, it provides a low-cost, secure method to share sensitive information with colleagues, clients, customers and other partners. It allows team members to collaborate on documents and other materials, record presentations for future use and quickly respond to urgent needs by creating ‘on-the-fly’ conferences and training sessions. In addition, the Enterprise Conferencing tool integrates with the calendar functions in Microsoft® Outlook and features a browser-based user interface.

How much can your customers be saving...?

Are your customers sick and tired of paying extortionate fees for conference calls? Currently BT customers are paying £594.00* per month for conference call facilities for just 15 people. With Inter-Tel’s Enterprise Conferencing tool your customers could be paying £511.00** per QUARTER for 16 ports and eventually own the technology!

*Based on a typical contract with British Telecom for 15 people conferencing facility for 3 hours a month at 22p per minute per person, with no monthly subscription fee. ** based on 5 year lease on a system cost of Enterprise Conferencing £8,500 (RSP) including 8 ports plus £1,730 for a further 8 ports. Requires an IPRC card also – this is not included in the calculation.

BONUS FEATURE – Enterprise Instant Messaging

Enterprise Conferencing also comes bundled with Inter-Tel’s new instant communications software, Enterprise Instant Messaging. This exciting new product enables users to respond to immediate business situations. Users can quickly send instant messages or real-time text chat with individuals and groups of co-workers and contacts, change their online status and view the status of others. This browser based software requires no additional client desktop software and enables users to create contact lists, send emails and instant messages and convert instant messages into phone calls at the touch of a button.

Easy to use Instant Messaging interface with click and dial functionality




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