Callview is a vital catalyst in the evolution of your business. It is incredible to think that in this day and age, callers still have to give their name, postcode, account number and other details before placing an order with a regular supplier! Worse still, how many potential customers are lost because calls are not answered.

Callview Call Centre Software

Callview delivers the evolved solution now with management by exception and full historic reporting. Calls can be tracked from cradle to grave with realtime statistics and historic reporting. Callview even captures abandoned call details, enabling a rapid call back. Callview takes your business to the next generation, stepping over competitors and making you the leader of the pack. Callview is a modular software package that can be added to according to the needs of your business. The modules available are outlined below:

Gateway & Multimedia Gateway
The heart of the Callview system that provides the link between the software and the Inter-Tel Axxess.  

Uses databases to intelligently route your incoming calls and messages to optimal destinations.  

Desktop Wallboard & DSS
The wallboard displays real time statistics on screen. The Direct Station Select tool adds extension status.  

Screen-pops your database on incoming or outgoing calls.  

Historical reports of inbound and outbound call traffic.
There are two upgrades available MIS and ACD – these add increased functionality.  

Publishes statistics to web or company intranet site or even send key information via WAP to mobile phones.

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