The Adaptive Product Suite

The Adaptive product family from New Media Software provides a complete multi-media contact centre solution.

Among its modules are progressive and predictive diallers, CTI screen-popping, Unified Messaging and SMS messaging services. Below is an outline of the Adaptive product family. For more in-depth information, open the PDF at the bottom of this page.

  • Adaptive Messaging – A multi-media contact centre solution. It delivers the ability to route and queue email and SMS messages. It also supports routing inbound faxes, voicemail and Web ‘ Call-Back’ messages.
  • Adaptive Progressive Dialler – Increases agent productivity by automating the job of dialling customers.
  • Adaptive Predictive Dialler – Automates the dialling of customer numbers. Only successfully connected calls are routed to agents. Numbers that are disconnected, busy, not answered or invalid in other ways are screened out and reported. This means that your agents spend more time talking and less time idle, waiting for calls to be answered.
  • Adaptive CTI – Available as Basic, Standard and Professional, providing on screen call control and ‘screen-popping’.
  • Adaptive Desktop SMS – Enables users to send and receive SMS messages from PCs that are connected by a Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Adaptive Contact Centre Solution – Provides all features provided by the above Adaptive product family.

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