Call Recording Solutions

Advanced call recording, retrieval and evaluation.

“Recording calls gives the small to medium enterprise the same benefits and advantages that hitherto have been enjoyed by those with large IT budgets.”

Today's business environment needs to operate at peak efficiency whilst improving customer relationships and more companies are recognising the benefits of recording calls as part of the solution. With this in mind Inter-Tel has introduced an advanced suite of call recording, monitoring, evaluation and reporting tools designed to be user-intuitive. These flexible, easy-to-install and easy-to-use recording solutions require minimal training and give you the ability to instantly retrieve recordings weeks, months or even years after the recordings have been made.

Improved customer service

Customers are important to all of us, but it is important to remember they are not just the people who buy our products and services. As a supplier there is a commitment to the customer to guarantee that products live up to expectations and this includes customer service. By implementing a call recording solution customer service levels can be managed, monitored and improved.

Ease of use

The key to any successful recording solution is ease of use. The interface for finding calls must be both straight forward and powerful because there is no point in recording thousands of calls if you can't locate them. Inter-Tel call recording solutions allow you to easily search for calls by date, time, duration, extension, agent, caller ID, dialled number and even allow scheduled recording based on the same search criteria.



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