IP Telephone Systems by Mitel & InterTel

In 2007, InterTel merged with Mitel and is now one of the largest manufacturers of IP Telephone Systems throughout the world designing business communication systems for customers of all sizes. Scalable multi-site deployment and migration enables their customers to grow and adapt their business IP Telephone Systems as their needs change. Mitel recognises that the true value in any business IP Telephone System is the integration of software applications that improve business processes and connect departments and remote workers into a cohesive unit.


IP Telephone Systems, Handsets & Endpoints

intertel axxess ip telephone system

Mitel InterTel Axxess IP Telephone System 

The Inter-Tel Axxess IP Telephone System is a true hybrid open architecture software based telephone system with a range of integrated software applications which  be configured for users who require less than 32 extensions through to upwards of 30,000 extensions seamlessly networking up to 63 unique locations.

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Intertel cs5000

Mitel 5000 IP Telephone Systems

The Inter-Tel 5000 IP Telephone Systems is an IP-centric communications server built on an advanced hardware architecture that optimises the latest in IP technology. Combining your voice system and your data network affords you the cost-effective and competitive edge your business needs to succeed.

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mitel intertel phones

InterTel Telephone, Handsets and Endpoints

Inter-Tel offers a diverse and comprehensive range of telephones, handsets and endpoints to cater for even the most demanding communication solution. As technology evolves people are changing the way they communicate and Inter-Tel constantly strives to deliver the latest technological advances to the desktop.

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mitel 3300 ip telephone system

Mitel 3300 IP Telephone System

The Mitel® 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10-65,000 users.

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mitel ip phones

Mitel IP Phones

Mitel IP Phones offer an affordable solution from entry level through to executive ip phones that offer advanced software applications to the desktop. Mitel IP Phones are available in analogue, digital and IP as well as providing attendant consoles, conferencing units and associated peripherals.Find out more > 

Mitel InterTel Call Recording

Recording calls gives the small to medium enterprise the same benefits and advantages that hitherto have been enjoyed by those with large IT budgets. Today's business environment needs to operate at peak efficiency whilst improving customer relationships and more companies are recognising the benefits of recording calls as part of the solution.

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Mitel InterTel Voice Mail and Unified Messaging

Inter-Tel was one of the first companies to introduce the 'server to server' link with its voice processing platform. Inter-Tel have maintained the lead today over its competitors in providing a tightly integrated yet hugely powerful voice processing engine. From simple voice mail for each user through to remote message retrieval and single button record-a-call. Whatever the application Inter-Tel's voice processing platform can offer the solution.

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Mitel InterTel CTI Software Applications

There are many types of CTI applications; the linking of a customer database to your phone system will provide you with instant information about who is calling you on a PC screen – ‘screen-popping’. Beyond this more sophisticated products will address call and contact centre management, telesales scripting, call recording and retrieval, voicemail, and unified messaging.

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fixed mobile convergence via mobility extensions

Fixed Mobile Convergence - Mobility Extensions

Mobility Extension connects your mobile phone to your telephone system to 'twin' with your fixed extension allowing both phones to ring at the same time. If the call is answered on the mobile handset, up to 80% savings can be made over traditional diversion methods as the call is billed at mobile-to-mobile rates as opposed to landline-to-mobile rates. Calls can be transferred to another user or a conference initiated. In addition, a user can dial into the system from their mobile and make international calls via landline as opposed to having to pay expensive mobile costs.

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Inter-Tel case study detailing why the Louisville Chapter of the American Red Cross chose an Inter-Tel telephone system supplied by US reseller, US Voice and Data

A Merger of Equals


"Inter-Tel's people, products, managed services and partnerships complement those at Mitel. The merger will enable us to accelerate our growth by extending our small-to-medium business (SMB) leadership position” 
Don Smith, CEO of Mitel

"Our new company will be a formidable industry player across the globe."
Norman Stout, CEO of Inter-Tel

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Mitel / Inter-Tel Merger


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"These days it is rare to be involved with a company that backs up what they talk about in their promotional material. PSU have always responded to our issues with speed, accuracy and care. We use various IT related companies at Culligan but none match PSU for 100% Satisfaction. Thankyou and well done all!"

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