Important Announcement about your Inter-Tel Axxess

Date: 12 March 2009

Subject: Production of the Inter-Tel Axxess Telephone System to Cease.

Locale: United Kingdom

Summary: On the 12th March 2009 Mitel announced the retirement timeline for the Inter-Tel Axxess range of Telephone Systems. You can download and view the full official Mitel Announcement here.

There are 3 key timeline dates to be aware of:

1) July 31st 2009 - Last order accepted on major InterTel Axxess components / parts.

2) July 31st 2010 - Last Software fix

3) July 31st 2014 - Technical Support ceases
How does this affect your company?

1) The first timeline date of July 31st 2009 is CRITICAL if you are planning any immediate to medium term upgrades or expansion of your Axxess System. It is envisaged that new components / parts will quickly become unobtainable as businesses invest to prolong the life of their system for the future avoiding the immediate expense of a new replacement.

2) Your company may already be considering a replacement for its Inter-Tel Axxess System? Mitel's decision to retire the system may advance this decision? If this is the case, you should be considering the Mitel 5000 migration programmeDownload the Mitel 5000 migration programme here.

3) Maintenance & Support of your Inter-Tel Axxess can only continue for as long as parts (new & used) are available. We have a vast amount of parts in stock to continue supporting your requirements for the medium to long term. Download 'Maintaining your Inter-Tel System' here.


What you should do.

1) First and foremost, there is no need to panic. The Inter-Tel Axxess retirement programme is structured and has migration options in place. We also have significant levels of new and used parts in stock to support your Inter-Tel Axxess system for the foreseeable future.


2) If you intend to expand your InterTel Axxess System to accommodate new employees, relocate to other premises or anything which requires work to be carried out on your system, you should plan ahead and purchase the necessary equipment before the ‘last orders’ deadline of July 31st 2009. Call the Inter-Tel Axxess Support team to help you plan ahead and make provision for your requirements - 0800 131 3416 

3) Your main concern should be whether your current Inter-Tel Axxess support company has sufficient components, parts & expertise to fulfil your support & maintenance needs into the future.

4) You should call the Inter-Tel Axxess support team on 0800 131 3416 to discuss how your business will be affected by the retirement programme.

 Call the Inter-Tel Axxess Support Team: 0800 131 3416


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Maintaining your Inter-Tel Telephone System

The Inter-Tel telephone system is probably one of the most essential devices in your business today. If your customers cannot contact you, your day to day business can grind to a halt and it could have unseen longer term repercussions. 

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Free Housekeeping

PSU Technology Group would like to offer you the opportunity to regain the competitive advantage you enjoyed when your system was first installed. If you move your existing maintenance contract over to PSU or opt to take up a maintenance contract for the first time, PSU will: 

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Wearing the Kitemark with Pride

The British Standards Kitemark® is the world's premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality.  We have been wearing the Kitemark® with pride since 1994.

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If you feel that your telephone system could be doing more for your staff and customers, or you’re concerned that you’re telephone system is not being maintained and supported correctly, call our friendly team on 0800 131 3416 and we’ll talk you through how we can help. 

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